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M-TEC Sheep Decks

M-TEC Sheep Decks

The M-TEC Sheep deck trailer includes a unique ramp system that can be operated by foot, removing the necessity of hand operation and decreasing the chance of injury. 


The decks are simple to store, providing maximum space with minimal effort. 


Equipped with full Knott avonride running gear, parabolic suspension and spring hangers, it guarantees durability and a dependable towing experience. 


M-TEC trailers are preferred by those who prioritise excellence and reliability in their trailers 

  • 3.5Tonne coupling

  • Parabolic suspension

  • Side access doors

  • Fully fitted chequered flooring

  • LED lighting

  • 175x75x16 Tyres

  • Strong aluminium loading gates

  • Interior dividing gate hangers

  • Spare wheel and bracket

  • Front fold down flap

  • Open side vents

  • Plastic mudguards (12FT)

  • Aluminium mudguards (14FT)

  • Bottom Sheep dividing gate

  • Sheep Decks

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