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Updated: Jun 13

Introducting the long awaited M-TEC 7FT high multi-purpose livestock trailer.

This trailer leads the market with its cutting-edge features, extensively tested with feedback from local farmers. Specifically manufactured for versatile use, capable of safely transporting cattle, sheep and horses.

The trailers exterior boasts a striking overall appearance with built-in LED lighting, an overhead stop tail and direction indicator that remains visable at all times when in traffic.

The trailer features a unique lightweight aluminium dividing gate with boasts a gate roof hinge which is a fully folded bracket that offers added strength and security during livestock transportation.

We have introduced animal comfort rubber options for the floor and ramp, enhancing the overall comfort and welfare of livestock during transport.

The M-TEC rear door extension features a spring-loaded latch and gas strut assist, making it effortless to load horses. Which also retains sheep when in the top deck!

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